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The progressive cartoon about the sub-optimal Republican presidential candidates.
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Professional caricaturists amaze me. They can emphasize and distort personal features I ordinarily would never give a second thought. Luckily for me the four geniuses in today's cartoon are funny looking even when I draw them straight. So we'll call these caricatures a draw.

As for the quotes, I have to admit they've been paraphrased a smidgen for space and clarity purposes but the messages are entirely, frighteningly accurate.

And now, to bed.


end rant

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Obamacare allows the police to force doctors to take care of sick people. Rand Paul
George Soros has a plot against golf courses. - Ted Cruz
Homosexuality is like pedophilia or bestiality. - Mike Huckabee
ObamaCare is worse than slavery. - Ben Carson
Lefty: Okay, so maybe Reagan didn't empty the mental institutions just so the GOP would have presidential candidates...
Leftette: Still, ya gotta wonder.