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Doing My Duty

jurt dutyBy the time most of you read this my butt will be in custody of the local legal authorities.

Yes, I have jury duty.


That's what I get for voting. (They cull the voting rolls around here for prospective jurors, which explains why the assembled juror pools seldom sport any cute chicks, just wizened geriatrics like me.)

The last time they called me for JD was three years ago when I was chosen to adjudicate a civil case that had no business wasting anyone's time. It took two days for all the evidence to be presented and ten minutes to decide against the plaintiff's case. And most of that was spent walking to and from our tribunal cloister.

It seems like only yesterday but I guess three years is long enough. It's a tedious process but it's the price we pay for a civilized society.

This year, though, I'm coming prepared. A few months ago I was casing the local thrift stores for interesting t-shirts when I found a like-new promo shirt for a 1995 Pauly Shore movie called "Jury Duty". It's beautiful. An alabaster-white shirt with big, red, double-trucked words stating "JURY DUTY" on the front in an elegant serif. On the back, nothing. Perfect.

I'm not wearing it today because no one in their right mind would call undue attention to themselves during the voir dire but if I "survive" the culling I'll wear it Tuesday. As far as I know there's no rule against messages on imprinted shirts, within reason, just shorts and flip-flops. Personally, I think the courts ought to give all jury members a free shirt like this one instead of that crummy little badge. At the very least it'd ensure lots more of these things in the thrift shops.


UPDATE: I and seventy-six other lucky prospective jurors were called for a capital murder case, possibly perpetrated by a middle-aged woman. Yikes! Our group had to fill out a long form explaining how we feel about the legal process as the prosecution was seeking the death penalty (This is, after all, Texas.) I was the first one they struck off the list mostly, I believe, because I'm staunchly anti-death penalty.

See? It pays to be liberal.


end rant

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