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The progressive cartoon about the way the falling towers violated Newton's laws of motion.
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"You Gonna Believe Me Or Your Lyin' Eyes?"

misdirection"Ewww! Is he still going on about 9-11? Who cares? Kim Kardashian is getting a lumpectomy on American Idol and I'm not missing that!"


First, jet fuel cannot melt structural steel.

Let me say that again because it's important...

Jet fuel cannot melt structural steel, but that remains the central explanation of the Bush investigation as the reason the towers collapsed. And yet, even months after 9-11 excavators found large pools of molten steel under the pile of debris. Some chemical process was responsible for that molten metal and it certainly wasn't kerosene.

Second, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were not hollow boxes. They were constructed around massive steel and concrete cores attached to exterior walls made of steel thicker than tank armor. Being struck by a passenger jet was an event they were specifically designed to handle. The building was constructed so ruggedly that some workers reported barely even feeling the impact.

Third, there's no reasonable explanation why multi-ton steel girders could be flung as much as 600 feet away from the collapsing towers as gravity has this peculiar effect of pullings things down, not outwards. This makes Newton's third law of motion rather problematic unless each girder had its own little jet-pack.

Fourth, even though an incredible number of mistakes were made on 9-11 no one in a position of responsibility lost their job as a result. Not one person was fired or demoted. Must be nice.

When you saw the towers fall on 9-11 you were not looking at structures succumbing to gravity, you were looking at buildings being literally blown to bits. WTC Seven, which wasn't struck by anything more than some debris on one side, collapsed into its own footprint on 9-11 and almost no one has heard of it, let alone cares.

I care. I'll always care.

The Bush administration used 9-11 to swindle Americans out of both their rights, with the PATRIOT Act, and out of trillions of tax dollars wasted on phony wars. It's hard for the average person to conceive that someone (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice) could be that evil but they were and they are. They counted on our natural inability to cope with wickedness on that grand of a scale and they're getting away with it.

And as long no asks questions they'll do it again.


end rant

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Lefty's Request
Let's modify the laws for the controlled destruction of buildings requiring that all explosives be detonated 2/3s of the way up from the ground floor just to see how many of them totally disintegrate as a result. Thanks!