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The progressive cartoon about the worst House Majority Leader ever.
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House Majority Sphincter

john boehner is an assholeDo you know what Bibi Netanyahu's appearance before Congress this week proved? That there is a hard core of American conservatives who will embrace anything, even treason against their own country, as long as it also allows them to publicly wallow in their naked, racist hatred of minorities in general and President Obama specifically.

John Boehner's unheard-of invite of the Israeli leader violated the Constitution as only the President has the power to "receive ambassadors and other public ministers from foreign governments." Yes, Boehner violated the Constitution but who would mete out suitable punishment?

Oh, yeah... the Congress. Sigh.

BTW, when I say "conservatives" I mean the rich, white men who own the GOP lock, stock and two smoking barrels and make them dance like puppets for their own amusement, and profit. And the last thing these oligarchs want is for a black president to succeed. The rest of us be damned.

You want jobs? Sorry, black man in the White House. You want better roads and safer bridges? Nope, too many negroes in the White House. You think we need banking regulations with teeth? Uh-uh. Darkie in the White House. You want affordable health care? Not a chance. Too much melanin in the White House. You think we need a Constitutional Amendment to take the money out of politics? Not as long as Sambo's in the White House. You want a government that pays its bills on time? See: Negro, White House. You want to stop climate change before it's too late? No way, as long as it's helping a brother out.

Yes, it's only 18 months until Hillary is elected but take everything in the above paragraph and replace "black man" with "woman". Oy.

racist party


dogmaliciousAs some of you already know I also create a weekly 'toon especially for the good folks over at The Friendly Atheist but, the last week being the particularly hectic morass that it became, I neglected to share the link with you. So consider this a sort of make-up post. I hope it's as good for you as it is for me.


end rant

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