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No time for any extensive Ranting today. Maybe I'll be back later. Hope you like the comic

BTW, I don't mean to suggest that the oceans will disappear in our lifetimes but, in the context of this cartoon, should an irradiated, petrochemical-contaminated, garbage-filled, largely lifeless, cesspool really be called an ocean?


end rant

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What's that, grandpa?
That's my old toy tiger, kid. I've had him for many, many years.
What's a tiger, grandpa?
Oh, tigers were the apex of evolution. Part art, part monster. But they're now all gone. Men killed them for sport.
As a boy I used to pretend to feed this one tuna sandwiches.
What's tuna, grandpa?
THe tuna was the master of the ocean and their numbers once seemed limitless, but we ate them. We ate them all.
< sniff>
Yeah, kid?
What's an ocean?
Hobbes the tiger.

Can an irradiated, petrochemical-contaminated, garbage-filled cesspool really be called an ocean?