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Hot Air.

The Takata company's airbags, rather than gently cradling auto passengers during high-speed accidents, have been spontaneously exploding and shooting shrapnel into the faces of drivers. Almost exactly like little shotguns. For this minor lapse in design the company has been fined $75 million dollars, a record for such things. Or so I'm told.

You know what Takata's problem was?

They should have used real shotguns in the steering columns.

Think about it. Shotguns are cheap, they're easy to reload, they're made in America, they'd make everyone a MUCH more careful driver, and they'd do an equally fine job of blowing up in your face.

Say goodbye to texting and driving or say goodbye.

What's that you say? Increased gun deaths? My, how quaint. Listen, bub. This is America. Where no problem can't be solved by guns and where no one cares about the body count. All that matters is that grown men can own all the murder weapons they like and can make them go "Boom!" whenever they want. Just like the Constitution says.


end rant

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Newspaper: Takata to pay $75 million dollar airbag fine.
Lefty: You'd think you'd be more careful designing something that wouldn't blow up in your face.
GOP: Yeah, you'd think..