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Drawn-Out Process

Now you might think that I should delight in cranking out cartoons, three-days-a-week, lampooning this Festival of Feebs otherwise knows as the Republican Presidential Campaign, but I have no enthusiasm for it. So far, the whole process has sounded to me like a pack of chihuahuas barking at passing delivery trucks. Lots of noise, no substance.

Seriously, my 'toons would teeter from images of "Senator Stupid said this" to "Former Governor Stupid said this" and what would it prove? Is anyone even going to remember Carly Fiorina four years from now? (Herman Cain who?) so why should I piss time and ink into the wind on these vulgarians? To this day I still lament wasting three whole comics on Sarah Palin as none of them negatively altered the public's opinion of her more than her own folksy spew.

When these particular crop of candidates heave something idiotic into the microphone it's not news and it's definitely not informative. It's all dog whistles. A more enlightened audience would have chucked shoes en masse at Mr. Carson for so hilariously self-portending"If Noah can build an Ark, I can be president." However, when a schmott guy like Mr. Obama says something dumb, THEN it's news. (Which explains why the media let so much of Dubya's down-home 'wit and wisdom' slide uncontested.)

Yes, the moment will come when the King of Fools, uh, I mean, Marco Rubio is anointed by the oligarchy (What? You think Jeb lobbed that softball at Rubio by mistake?) and THEN I'll start sharpening my knives and my pencils. Until then I'll just make stuff that makes ME laugh. Hopefully you, too.


As for the cartoon, please remember that arsenic is 100% natural and gluten-free.


end rant

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