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9/11 mystery physics
9/11 mystery physics.

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Oh, Lord

Last night I'm watching a Youtube video concerning a nerdy math contest when I notice this thumbnail for another video on the right hand side of the page:

9/11 physics

I instantly recognized the art as my comic from 9/11/13.

"Cool beans!" I yell to the cat, who couldn't give a shit, "Someone has used my art in an explanation of 9/11 physics!"

So I download the hour-long video and performed a thorough check to see how the image was used but it wasn't in the production. It seems that the thumbnail of the cartoon was used purely as click-bait. But don't blame the video as this copy was hijacked from the account of its creator, physics teacher David Chandler, and subsequently altered to garner eyeballs.

As for the video itself, it's excellent as Mr. Chandler does a wonderful job of exposing the 'official story' of the collapse of WTC 1, 2, and 7. Just watch the first five minutes as he explains the collapse of the North Tower and see if you don't agree.


Note: Due to a bizarre set of circumstances, none of which has anything to do with nobody suing no one, today's 'toon is plucked from the vast trove of comics I've created for the lovely people at  the Friendly Atheist. It's original air date was May 19, 2015. All should be ducky come Friday, just in case you're worried.


end rant

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