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To Serve Mankind

Concerning Charlie Hebdo:

There are too many people in this world who can't see the Big Picture because they're too busy following god's instruction book. They believe just because they're coloring inside the lines of their self-imposed ignorance that the rest of us have to play by their rules, too. Or else. And in a world where AK-47s can be purchased with money found under the sofa cushions that "or else" part can have serious implications.

The employees of Charlie Hebdo knew they were playing a dangerous game and for that I applaud them. The world needs more people like them pointing fingers and smirking instead of those intent on muzzling the music of laughter.


About today's 'toon: I was caught in a quandary by this gag as it worked best with dear old Dick doing the talking. The problem was that if I caricatured him too faithfully it would have ruined the surprise. That's pretty much why he looks more like a mild-mannered lumpenproletariat accountant than the unmistakable war criminal we've come to know and loathe.

As for the rollover comic... that was the original version which I changed at the last minute. I think the subtle allusion to Jimmy Carter's efforts with Habitat For Humanity in the final version was too good to resist.


And the hits just keep on coming: Just for the record, I've got a MEAN case of bursitis on the left knee, something I do not recommend for recreational purposes. To say that my full attention has been diverted from my vocation (id est, thing that pays the bills) and avocation (id est, this stupid comic) is to put it mildly. The un-mild reaction involves a lot of colorful invective regarding mothers. Treatment involves elevation, rest, and applications of ice. And hookers. Lots of hookers.


Good News! I've been invited to create a once-a-week Rage 'toon for the good folks over at friendlyatheist.com. These new comics are to be created specifically for that site but they will likely make appearances here at ragingpencils.com way down the road... especially if I need an emergency comic or two. I will, of course, provide plenty of notice to everyone when a new 'toon is posted, which should be this Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


end rant

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