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Wild-Pitch Mitch

After spending eight years driving the world into a global recession and then six years of actively hindering U.S. economic growth the GOP is now trying to take credit for the upsurge in the economy (See chart below). Here's how Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell put it:

"After so many years of sluggish growth, we're finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope; the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama Administration's long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress."

This is nothing special. Republicans try and take credit for a lot of stuff they didn't do, like keep us safe from terrorists, or bringing the USSR to its knees, or bringing democracy to Iraq.

Is Mitch McConnell really that stupid? No, but he certainly thinks his voters are. (And why are Mitch's eyes brown? Because he's full of shit.)


U.S. GDP chart

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A poem, by Mitch McConnell
What makes a baby's eyes so blue?
Who puts the honey in the honeydew?
Who makes the rainbows and who makes the trees?
Who puts the green in those little green peas?
And who's responsible for the dynamic growth in the GDP?
Why, no one but us, the GOP.
A poem by Barack Obama.
Why are Mitch McConnell's eyes so brown?