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The progressive comic about the absurdity of the death penalty.
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That Smarts.

patreonI think if I was a little smarter, or a lot sleazier, I could have convinced more people to support this web-toon via Patreon's micro-payments through the simple expediency of crafting comics that pandered to, shall we say, baser instincts.

By that I mean comics featuring co-eds with bare-midriffs, or cute puppies, or dick jokes, or painful punnery. You know... entertaining comics. The kind only those other, properly-nourished cartoonists make.

But, no, I decided to go with abortion, atheism, the death penalty and (YUCKO!) the GOP's intransigence because, while Patreon will inevitably be purchased and ruined by Amazon of Facebook, these cartoons will be here forever and I'm darned proud of 'em.

And now, here's Stephen Colbert.


If we're going to have state-sponsored murder I think we ought to be able to watch. We need to actually see how our government executes prisoners instead of just being assured that everything behind the curtain is hunky-dory. I don't mean prime-time on Comedy Channel or ESPN but somewhere WAY down the cable-box dial, down near Al Jazeera. Right before kick-off on Sunday would be best as it'd get me in the mood for the REAL mayhem to come.

Oh, and bring the kids. Murder is natural if done tastefully enough. Don't you think?

Furthermore, I think the condemned should have creative input in how they meet their maker. Give them a hundred-thousand dollar budget and say "Go nuts!", then sell commercial time so that tax-payers won't get cranky. No doubt we'll need editorial oversight lest the process involve strippers, wood-chippers, Ronald McDonald or a combination of all three but it'd totally obviate the "cruel and unusual" part of the 8th Amendment if some guy decides on his own to be trampled lifeless by the Swedish Bikini Team and then fed to wolverines.


end rant

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Judge: After being force-fed hours of psychological kabuki by a prosecuting attorney more intent on polishing his record than obtaining justice a strategically-selected jury of credulous, racially-biased adults has found you guilty of murder by use of a device ordinarily guaranteed by Constitutional fiat.
Handcuffed by laws designed for cruelty, not deterrence, I sentence you to incarceration of unknown duration and at absurd public expense...culminating in a state-approved revenge killing administered via sometimes amateurish and potentially torturous conditions.
And may god have mercy on our souls when exonerating evidence becomes public long after you're dead and buried.

The progressive comic about the absurdity of the death penalty.


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