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The comic about gun-owners erroneous definition of democracy and justice.
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I'm Killin' 'Em!

bang gun What time is it when a responsible member of the NRA with an assault rifle kills half of the children in a grade school?

Time to reload.

And what do you give the armed revolutionary who has everything?

A self-inflicted headshot.

How do you make a gun aficionado's eyes light up?

You mount the tactical laser backwards.

Why did the righteous patriot bring an 18-shot magazine to the movies?

Because the sign said "Under 17 not admitted".

Why do God-fearing proponents of the Second Amendment hate golf?

Because you can only shoot 18.

What do Constitutionally-protected owners of military-grade weaponry call a movie theatre?

A target audience.

Why do opponents of fascist/marxist/socialism always carry a gun in their car?

So they can park in the handicap zone.

How do you define the word 'eternity'?

Four stand-your-grounders at a four-way intersection waiting for the others to make the first move.

What is the NRA's response to 36,000 Americans dying each year from gunshots?

Nice try.


In case anyone is wondering why I created such a simple cartoon today there are two good reasons:

(1) Time was short.

(2) Randall Munroe's template for this topic was freaking perfect. Tarting it up in Vermier-like detail would not have made the point any stronger. (You can see his original version here.)


end rant

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Are you coming to bed?
I can't. I must clean my gun.
Because someone out there is wrong.

My apologies to Randall Munroe).

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