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abu ghraibCan you imagine the first guy to say out loud "You know what would be a good idea? Rather than waste precious time and money on the rehabilitation of criminals, or people we just happen to dislike, how about we nail their hands and feet to a couple of boards of wood and watch them die slowly? Oh, and while they're hanging up there let's smash their leg bones with hammers, and maybe even hang them upside down and drive any extra nails we have left into their groins. Won't that be jolly fun?"

What barbarians they must have been.

But we don't torture prisoners any longer. We're too civilized for that.


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Fuck dick Cheney

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Wife on cross: I don't care if this IS proof of concept, mister, you're not nailing anyone today.
Dickus Cheynius (Dick Cheney) thinks: Crap! There go my subsidies.
Fortunately Dikkus Cheynius' worries were unfounded as his Mark XI Peacekeeper Cruciate was the talk of the Enhanced Interrogation circuit in the summer of 597 BCE.

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