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Speak For Yourself, Fred.

fuck you, fredThere is no Islamic version of Fred Phelps, unless you count the little pieces he'd find himself sliced into within seconds if he appeared on a streetcorner in Tehran waving a sign saying "Allah Hates You".

He and his Westboro pals get away with that nonsense in America not only because we have the blessed First Amendment, or what's left of it, but also because Americans don't really take the Bible seriously.

I mean, have you read the thing? It's full of all these delightfully insignificant crimes that require the death penalty, like practicing magic or being a false prophet (Does that include standing on street corners interpreting God's word? Hmmm.) or having sex with a chicken. Some of these crimes require death by stoning, by the way, not  anything silly like lethal injection. A baker's dozen Islamic countries still use "death by large rock" but not America. We believe the Bible is only God's holy written word in a vague, general sense, which is mighty handy when it comes to limiting the sale of beer, controlling women's reproduction, or deciding who marries who.
That's the kind of stuff God's really interested in.

All I know is, if I ever see someone sporting a "Darwin Hates Fags" poster there's gonna be trouble.


Have you heard of Intelligence Squared? It's an hour-long NPR program which uses an Oxford-style debate format to argue today's thorniest subjects... and it's GREAT! Read more about it by clicking the friendly red link or download the free podcast on iTunes should it not be on your local NPR channel.


end rant

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Can you spot the difference?
Fred Phelps with sign that says "I hate fags!" - homophobe
Fred Phelps with sign that says "God hates fags!" - coward.

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