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biggus bangusSo I'm listening to The Takeway on NPR this past Monday and they were discussing the new breakthrough on cosmic inflation and gravitational waves and the part they played in the formation of our universe. A physicist invited on the show gamely attempted to dumb the concept down to an acceptable American level but it was still absolutely mind-blowing. Then the host threw the conversation over to the listening audience, with predictable results:

"All I need to know is that Gawd made the world in seven days."

"We'll never really understand this as God works in mysterious ways."

"God is capable of anything."

"God turned me into a newt..... I got better."

What, I asked myself does religion have to do with science? Answer: Nothing. Not a freaking, solitary biscuit so referencing god in such a discussion is a complete non sequitur. The listening audience might as well have been glorifying the divine Spder-Man or offering tips on proper toenail hygiene.

So, note to radio hosts. Just because a huge streak of lunacy runs deep through the collective psyche of this country, and this world, please remind your listeners to stay on topic next time.
Thank you.


end rant

A short video explaining the discovery of gravitational waves, narrated by a properly snotty, upper-class English smarty-pants.

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