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Eat Of My Pie

fish pieThis cartoon is another slice from my semi-autobiographical pie. It didn't take a child prodigy to figure out that there was something fishy about a book supposedly written by the hand of god that no one seemed interested in following to the letter. If, for instance, obstreperous sons were regularly stoned to death in the street I might have more enthusiastically hedged my devotional bets. At the very least it would have been fun throwing the first stone.

God would have wanted it that way.


I'm an odd pagan duck as I enjoy Xmas music year 'round. For me it's like musical comfort food. Naturally, being a heathen, the menu excludes any tunes that refer to baby Jesus because when it comes to songs about mythical characters I prefer good old Santa as he actually delivers the goods.

Fortunately for my peculiar tastes iTunes features several stockings full of seasonal music stations, though squirreled away in the Religious category. While rooting around in there I couldn't help noticing that they also host hundreds of stations featuring the Bible being read in every language known to man, and some I'm sure are of extra-terrestrial origin.

It doesn't really bother me as no one in their right mind would listen to that stuff (a back-handed compliment to Bible fans if there ever was one) but it seems to me that, in all fairness, there ought to be just as many stations hosting readings of Carl Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World", or Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five", maybe even Albert Camus' "The Stranger" or Steinbecks' "East of Eden".

Just sayin'.


Bonus Cartoon Alert: Hey! There's a bonus cartoon, but you probably already knew that when you moused over today's hilarious offering.


A little Xmas treat for you: Part 2 of Glenn Mitchell's Xmas Blockbuster, a Dallas tradition since 1975. This 20-minute chunk features the infamous "I Want A Goat For Christmas" by the Wilder Brothers, among other alternative Xmas tunes.


end rant

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