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Pointed Commentary

pointed commentaryI asked myself recently why I don't own guns, and I answered myself by saying "I'm a civilized person. I don't think we should be shooting other people. The judicial system should be the entity which decides who lives or dies, not you or I or the police."

Yes, if we didn't have guns I could be attacked by a large person brandishing a large, pointed stick, though I could probably outrun him as long sticks impede one's running gait. And since it's rather difficult to hide a long pointed stick I would most likely see my assailant coming and would therefore get a good, running start.

Lesson: Violent people with long, pointed sticks is a good reason to stay physically fit.

However, because guns are readily available to anyone who can afford one, or can steal one, I can by attacked by anyone, and from long distance. Even if I had a gun I couldn't shoot back if I was already dead from a preemptive attack.

Lesson: Carrying a gun for protection will not ward off sneak attacks. And if you get fat and happy carrying a gun around you can't outrun people with pointed sticks when you run out of ammo.

Given the two scenarios, gimme the sticks any day.


Today (12-29-14) a well-regulated militia shots his wife to death shortly after making the claim on Facebook that guns are "protection from the government".

On 12-30-14 a cute little two-year-old well-regulated militia shot and killed his mother with her own gun while she was shopping at Walmart.



end rant

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Big Ass News
This morning a well-regulated militia walked into an elementary school and killed three teachers and twelve students.
In Michigan a well-regulated militia who'd had too much to drink shot and killed his wife.
And finally, a three-year-old well-regulated militia shot and killed her little brother.
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