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Lying Liars Who Lie.

faux newsOne of my favorite anecdotes about the Fox News Corporation is that it once went to court to prove that it could legally lie to the public. And they won, which is why they giddily approach news like an arsonist approaches a restaurant with tax problems. (I.E., it doesn't matter who gets burned as long as everyone makes a few bucks, right?)

Censorship has many faces and two of them are disinformation and misinformation, and Fox News just LOVES that kinda stuff. That's why I'm happy to report that Dish Network, with 16 million subscribers, has put the kibosh on both Fox News and the Fox Business Channel over new contract terms Dish is calling "extortion", replacing the channels with Glenn Beck's "The Blaze". That's sort of like trading the plague for polio but there's evidently a vast, masochistic demographic out there and Dish is doing its best to appease them. My guess is they'll both come to some agreement but, for now, I'm wallowing in delicious schadenfreude.

There's recent scuttlebutt that the Sony hacking incident may actually be an inside job, so this 'toon may be feeding media hysteria. (I feel so dirty.) Personally, I don't think North Korea is responsible for the hack as even they're smart enough to know that this type of protest would only make the movie more popular.


Bonush Cartoon Alert: Yup. I hope you get it.


Because I lurve you all here's the seventh 20-minute chunk of Glenn Mitchell's twelve-hour Xmas Blockbuster, circa 2001, featuring the delightful Marsha Ball, Xmas Time in Cowtown, an Xmas cantata, and a brief history of the mince pie.


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Obama: We cannot have a society in which some dictator can start imposing censorship here in the United States.
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