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Too Much Information Man

i heart youAs many of you know I've been waylaid for the past week or so with what I first assumed was a massive stress attack. However, it seems I'm far more likely a victim of pericarditis, an infection of the lining of the heart. It sounds deadly but the acute version, from which I'm apparently suffering, is treatable with simple OTC anti-inflammatories like aspirin or ibuprofen, and more heavy-duty stuff like prednisone.

Initial treatment has resulted in very favorable effects but I'm not out of the woods yet as it'll take about three months for a total cure. (I'm better, but not "colored-comics" betters)

The main symptoms of this sucker are palpitations, which come out of nowhere, and them things is scary, folks. (I'm told they're harmless in my case.) Thankfully, I have good friends that'll let me jawbone them at any hour of the night until the anxiety subsides.

The sad part of this is that my physician was scheduling all manner of cardiology-related tests, even though both he and I knew that my heart is fine. But one morning, while in the grip of severe discomfort, I did a quick Google search for my VERY specific symptoms and got a 100% match for pericarditis. When I talked it over with the doctor he agreed with the diagnosis, even laughingly suggesting that I come do medical research for him.

I think I need another doctor.

What kinda bothers me is that I suffered from almost the exact same symptoms back in the late 80s and all my doctor did back then was run a lot of expensive tests on my heart and feed me valium. Sounds familiar.


I may yet live to be 100 or drop dead tomorrow. Who knows? Right now I'm feeling as hopeful as a liberal can feel in a country where one of our two major political parties is owned by two criminally-evil men.


I would be remiss if I didn't offer some triple-plus karma to everyone who sent a little love and kindness my way during the crisis. I appreciate it, most sincerely.

(And don't be surprised if I come up with ANOTHER diagnosis by Monday. Happy Friday, ya'll!)

One last thing: Click the Patreon button below to see the new splash-screen cartoon I added last week. Or, you know, don't.


end rant

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temperance lady: if you prohibit alcohol, you can stop people from drinking.
Corproate stooge: if you outlaw drugs, you'll stop people from using them.
General: if you spend all your resources on weapons you'll never be attacked.
Stalin: If you outlaw god you can stop people from praying.
Moron: if you close the women's clinics, you can stop abortions.
GOP guy: if you do nothing for four years you can get reelected.*
*actually effective against black presidents.

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