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Sick Jokes III

i heart youIn case you're wondering why I'm re-using an old cartoon (The first time I've ever done this in eight years. Isn't it amazing how things never change with the GOP?) it's because I neglected to get proper amounts of sleep for way too long and it's all caught with on me in the form of a massive stress reaction.

I do not recommend it.

Yesterday and today were really bad so I'm undergoing additional tests to see if there's an underlying physical cause for my condition. About the only thing I can do for myself right now is to get as much rest as possible, which I'm doing, so this is going to be day-by-day thing.

Thanks for hanging in there. I will, too.

Oh, and get eight hours of sleep every night. The medical profession is making WAY too much money off of morons like me.


end rant

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Title: Who You Voted For
Three angry Republicans, with signs.
Repeal Obamacare!
Reduce the Deficit!
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
Secondary Title: What You Got
Vacationing Republican: So, uhhhh... when does my free health care kick in?
Golfing Republican: Fax me if you need anything.
Sleeping Republican: ZZZZZZZZ!

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