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Auto Erratica

Scion xbSee this car? It's a Scion XB (2003-2006). It's a perfectly designed vehicle because it's got a little square box in front for the engine and a big square box in the back for people and goods, plus big windows all around for good visibility. Almost no interior space is wasted on exterior styling or aerodynamics. To me, all passenger cars should be shaped like this. If you buy a swoopy sport sedan you're getting a teeny little trunk with a bunch of air on top of it where structural steel should be.

In 2007 Scion decided to "freshen" the design by making concessions to style. Sigh.

nissan jukeBy comparison, this is a Nissan Juke. I wish that something dense, rusty, and full of vipers falls on top of the team that designed it, the focus group that approved it, plus anyone who bought one because they thought it was "cool".

Yeah, that's it.


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