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Palpably Unfair Act

deflated footballNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the guys who own the coal company in West Virginia that poisoning the water table should be all sliced paper-thin and fed to hamsters.

Okay, enough social conscience. On to more serious stuff.

The wild-card system of the National Football League is punishably awful. The idea that some teams, even division winners, have to play an extra game while the top two divisional winners play grab-ass in the training room for a week is simply abusive.

(And what did we end up with? Possibly the least underdoggy underdog of all time. San Fran survived playing at zero Kelvin in Green Bay so Seattle ought to be a breeze, though they'll eventually get chewed up by Denver in the Big Game.)

For Landry's sake, just take the winners of the top four divisions in each conference and pit them against the next four teams with the best records. Easy-peasy.

I know the poor, starving NFL needs all the extra money it can get but if money is all it's interested in then why not just stage cripple fights at half-time, or throw a few dozen armed toddlers in a circle at mid-field and see which ones come out alive? You know, something with a little dignity.


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Kid: Dad, what religion are we?
Dad: We're Newtonians, son. We believe that when you're naughty Saint Isaac takes your cable connection offline and makes your cell phone disappear.
Kid: Hmmm. Perhaps I'll convert to Christianity. The effects of Hell are much less immediately tangible.
Dad: Oops! There goes your Nickelodeon.

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