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Fresh Air

inhaler In case you're wondering how the Affordable Care Act is going to affect your insurance rates you can use this handy-dandy calculator to gauge an inkling.

(Warning: The following discourse includes includes information about my relative health. For those who wish to avoid this boring twaddle here's a video about how they make rubber gloves.)

Since I'm in the "Artistic Church-Mouse" income bracket I'm apparently going to be paying a relative pittance for any further health insurance. Not that I need much anyway. My only medical visits over the past twenty years have been to seek curatives for flu, asthma, and alimentary distress. But since I've started getting my shots every year I've yet to get the flu. And since I've increased my B-vitamin intake my asthma has abated. And since I stopped eating meat I've ceased having violent bouts of, well, you know.

Regarding the asthma claim, I suffered with it all my childhood days but the symptoms suddenly disappeared about the time I turned twenty, sometime around 1974. But they returned with a vengeance in 2000, as though something about George W. Bush so fouled the air that I couldn't breathe. It was so bad I couldn't even have a hearty chuckle without feeling my lungs closing up. (Since I still had the symptoms years after Mr. Obama was elected I had to discard that Bush theory.)

Then about a year ago I began taking mega-doses of B-vitamins to offset any possible vegetarian-related deficiencies and my asthma symptoms faded almost to nothing, along with some minor joint pain. I can't find any credible research to support this conjecture, I just know that I don't need the inhaler any longer except in very rare circumstances, like visiting a house in which dwell unfamiliar cats, and their likewise unfamiliar dander.

As for the meat claim, who'd-a-thunk that eating hormone-suffused, disease-laden meat would make anyone sick? Gosh, not me.


Speaking of cats, recent blood glucose tests reveal that my beloved 14-year-old moggie is no longer diabetic. She still pees like a very tiny racehorse but she no longer needs regular injections of insulin. There is, as you might expect, much rejoicing here.


end rant


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