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All Ears

all ears Our government will currently allow almost anyone to purchase all the guns they want, even military-style assault weapons, parade them around in public, carry them almost right up to the White House gates, and no law will stop them. The government doesn't know who owns all these guns or even how many. The Republican Party will not allow a penny to be spent on any type of gun registry.

And yet, this same government will spend billions upon billion of dollars every year to track and record almost every word or idea American citizens commit to paper, pixel, or phone. You may say they're only looking for the bad guys but then why are they bugging everybody?

The only conclusion one can draw from this comparison is that the government isn't afraid of men with guns, it's afraid of people with ideas. Ideas, for example, like how to make government work better for everyone instead of just the top .0001%.

However, if the ideas result in scandalously massive campaign contributions for the Republican Party <cough> Wall Street <cough> then they're all for it.


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