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Cosmological principle.

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Are you really a liar if all you've been taught is misinformation? Like climate change is a hoax or Adam and Eve coexisted with dinosaurs? Without hard evidence you're liable to believe anything, like they're coming to get your guns, or tax breaks for millionaires create jobs, or that


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Pinocchio: So if I tell a lie my nose will grow? Cool! Then how about:
Columbus discovered America.
Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.
World Trade Center Seven collapsed due to fire.
Saddam Hussein had WMDs.
The NSA doesn't listen to our phone calls.
There is no god.
Is me nose growing now, Blue Fairy? Is it? Huh?
The next day the Blue Fairy turned in her wand and returned to her chosen profession... industrial mig-welding.

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