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Who Are You?

gymnastyHow do the Boy Scouts determine that a 12-year-old boy is actually gay? I mean, it's pretty much all theoretical until the young man in question passes the moisture barrier with another living, breathing male.

It seems to me that the Scouts shouldn't have said they're admitting openly gay boys, they should have more simply said that they were admitting all boys.

Furthermore, I don't see the problem, outside of rabid fundamentalism, which prevents adult gay men from performing the role of scoutmaster. If the primary excuse is keeping horny guys away from adolescents then we need to look no further than women's gymnastics, pronto, as there are way too many fat Russian guys hovering over scantily-clad, 10-year-old girls.


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The Boy Scouts figured as long as they had to determine if any new boys were gay why beat around the bush?
It also goes without saying that the Boy Scout legal department earned its passive-aggressive merit badge honestly.

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