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Triple Play

thanks, corporate news.Because I don't get my information from broadcast or cable news sources, my local paper (gag), or (I'm sorry to say) PBS I knew from Day One that the Big Trifecta Scandalthon was just so much Right-Wing wishful thinking. Aided in no small part by out-and-out conservative manipulation of the data.

To put it mildly, when the veddy conservative Washingting Post says that the Big Three scandals are falling apart, it's time to start paying attention. I'm looking at you, Wing-nuts.

The IRS scandal was never even a scandal, at least in the way Fox News was presenting it. It was, in one aspect, a misdirection play by the Right trying to obscure all the money that's illegally flowing like water from the 501(C)(4) spigot. It's rapidly morphing into a power play for the control of Obamacare. For an amusing dissection of this scam by the .5% please read this article at Stonekettle Station.


Note: Yeah, I changed the cartoon. It's better now, so stop yer whinin'. I mean it. Don't make me have to go get my belt.


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The GOP Stooges
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