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not normalIn retrospect, my April Fool's offering was probably more cruel than funny, more pornographic than clever. I obviously didn't make the link to the supposedly litigious comic obvious enough as only about half the visitors took the hyper-bait, which was probably for the best as the cartoon could have lost one or two day jobs, and job-killing is the GOP's prime function these days.

As you can see, the comic is back to its same old progressive, pretentious self. If I had switched Raging Pencils, as proffered in the 4-1 rant, to a more general, situational mode of comedy I might have actually started developing an audience. But who wants that?


As I've mentioned before there were eight children in my family and not a lot of money so Mother's job was to feed us as quickly and as economically as possible. This meant lots of beans, fried chicken, and, uh, did I mention beans? Fried chicken was always a treat though Mom's idea of "fried" was limited to making sure that the crust was browned, regardless of how raw the meat was (Mother never ate chicken, for reasons of her own.) But I ate it anyway because Mom cooked it, therefore it was good.

Then, in my middle teens, I found a strange program on public television called The French Chef starring some wacky lady named Julia Child doing incredible things with food, my first "food porn", and my eyes were opened. I suddenly understood that food was more than just sustenance, that there was a proper way to cook everything, and that, in a way, it was art, too.

Julia's amiable lessons continued to percolate at the edges of my memory every time I've broken out my pots and pans so I was delighted to discover, and subsequently read, a new biography called "Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child". It's a hefty 500-page tome detailing the life of a woman who devoted herself to sharing the wonders of good food. It's remarkable to note that even though she lived a life full of butter and cream and meat that it wasn't her great heart that gave out at age 92, but her kidneys. I consumed the book ravenously and I would have enjoyed it more if someone hadn't been cutting so many damned onions as I read the last page.

If you're unfamiliar with Mrs. Child I'm happy to report that Youtube now hosts a number of her French Chef programs. So please, dig in. Bon appetit!


end rant

Mike's Video Vault: Julia Child roasts a chicken.


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Google Chow (Avert your eyes, chump!)

Three months ago a man afflicted with a deadly new virus walked into an elementary school classroom and infected 26 children and teachers, all of whom died. Today researchers announced they have formulated a cure for the disease but pharmaceutical companies refuse to manufacture it because “Why eradicate the cause when treating the symptoms is so profitable?”

I hate this country.

Of course I have hemorrhagic fever. You never know when some punk with rabies might break into my house.

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