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Raging Pencils by Mike "NAMBLA" Stanfill

Karl rove and Osama bin Laden, blood borthers.

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Red Herring

pixar's up As you know I'm one of those people who think that Osama bin Laden had about as much to do with the fall of the World Trade Center towers as Barney the Dinosaur, mainly because OBL and his merry band have shown none of this kind of cleverness over the past whatever years. Yeah, they've set off bombs here and there but those massively-constructed buildings in New York didn't drop, in exactly the same way, just because a couple of commercial aircraft smacked into them. There had to have been some "inside help". That's one of the reasons the Bushies have made OBL such a low priority target in their rush to restore our freedoms and liberties. He's worth way more alive than dead as he was a great way to change the subject whenever an election was imminent.

President Obama seems a bit more determined to end this chapter of The Saudi Arabian Boogie Man but I'll believe it when Osama's sitting in military court spilling the beans to save his ass.


By the way, to all of you folks from 2013.... April Fools!


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Bonus Enlightenment.
I think this may be a joke.

Extra Deluxe Unseemly Bonus Fabulousness

elephant fucking
More elephant fucking.

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Today's Google Chow.
Karl Rove and Osama bin Laden sucking each others mantool.

Karl: Thanks for eight, great profitable years, Osama.
Osama: And thanks for protecting me for eight years, Karl.