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There Can Be Only One

uncle same in debtWe're in the midst of a true zombie apocalypse in this country. America is under siege by monsters who will destroy anything that gets in their way in order to attain the single-minded focus of their ravenous hunger.

I am, of course, referring to rich people and their insatiable desire to accumulate vast piles of money in order to have vast piles of money. If schools, decent housing, clean air, potable water, public health, sovereign countries, or a functioning government get in the way, that's too dang bad. It's more important that we, the 99%, get swept out of the way so that the 1% can continue to play their little game of "Who Has The Biggest Fiduciary Dick."


end rant

Mike's Video Vault: Watch the rich asshole go berserk.


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Lobbyist: one day I asked myself “where will I be when
the last brain is eaten?” So I sought the kind of steady gig that could satisfy my souless appetite for torment.
Who knew I’d end up a lobbyist for the NRA?

Hooker: That's nice, honey, but if you want psychoanalysis that'll be another ten bucks.

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