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Payback's a bitch.

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One Strike, You're Out!

killer drone
If we were at war, actual war, with another country I'd be one of the biggest proponents of drone technology... at least, until the enemy started using the same drone technology to attack this country then it would really suck.

But America hasn't been at war with another country for decades. Our military basically just goes where the oil companies decide profits would be most optimal, at which point our soldiers kill anyone stupid enough to shoot back and bribe anyone remaining to forget they ever saw anything.

Currently we're using drones to convert people our government finds "inconvenient" into little terrorist meatballs. If that means taking out a few of their family members in the process, wives and kids included, then it's probably worth it if it means our citizens can continue to enjoy the manifest destiny that is cable TV in the comfort of the homes left to us among the ashes of the mortgage crisis.

America is in no danger of another 9-11 if for no other reason than George Bush is no longer president but the illusion of a threat to the average American has be kept alive in order to feed the military-industrial-succubus, and to give the military flesh-and-blood targets to play with, so we roll out the occasional drone strike against some poor sap designated the "New Number Two" holed up in some mud hut in the mountains of Wherethefuckamistan. Sometimes this mook is an American which is troublesome as, even as a foreign combatant, he's supposed to get due process before summary execution.

You can see the camel's nose sliding under the star-spangled tent, tipped with a Hellfire missile, though a president would have to be terribly foolish to use such a weapon over U.S soil against Americans. And yet, the possibility exists.

We can do better than that, Mr. President.


end rant

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