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Plan B or Not Plan B

plan B pillNot to sound like a complete perv or anything but I can guarantee a method that would allow guys to have sex with teenaged girls up to 30% more often.

It's called "expanded access to birth control". Allow me to explain.

New York city had an above-average rate of teen-aged pregnancy until they began dispensing birth control at school clinics, including condoms and the occasional morning-after pill. As a result, over a ten-year period the teen pregnancy rate dropped by an astounding 27%.

So less pregnancy means more available girls, right? Everyone's happy. Moms, dads, boyfriends. Everybody. Especially the girls, I'm guessing.

But there's a fly in the contraceptive ointment. An investigation by Mother Jones reveals that Plan B, for a variety of reasons, is unavailable a third of the time, especially for minority women. This has predictable consequences as the teen birth rate for black girls, for example, is 110 births for every 1,000 girls versus 16 births per 1,000 for white teens. Not only are unplanned pregnancy rates for blacks and latinos much higher than for whites, abortions rates are much higher, too.

Easily-available access to contraception for every sexually-active woman should be a no-brainer, especially for the brainless pro-life crowd. But as long as conservatives can squeeze a few more votes from right-to-lifers, rapturously consuming lurid tales of womb graveyards, we're fated to discussing birth control in terms of wistful what-ifs.


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Chart of the Day: Who Has Abortions?

who has abortions?

Larger version of chart here.

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Man: Why would you name all your children "Plancey"?

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