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gop in the gunsightsThere are a lot of good reasons to think harshly of the Republican Party these days as their obvious, economy-trashing buffoonery has put them squarely in the gun-sights of nearly every paid editorial cartoonist on the planet which, unfortunately, makes it damned hard for third-chair freelancers like myself to create an original spin on the crisis they've concocted. So thanks a lot, GOP, for making such obvious targets of yourselves.

That being said, I think what I crafted today makes a very salient point about the Republican Party. As we all know, they're all about making money for their wealthy contributors, but let's be honest... Obamacare is still going to make the insurance companies a boatload of money when it's fully implemented. The GOP would have come out way ahead in the polls if they'd just agreed to the legislation and, perhaps, even offered an extra goodie or two, just to look like nice guys.

If the Republican Party had put the oil company's nuts in a vice over the Gulf oil spill and forced them to actually spend the required billions to try and correct their error the GOP would have been heroes and British Petroleum would STILL be using hundred dollar bills as compost for their pod farms.

In addition, the GOP could have been lip-locking the AFL-CIO all these years, in the process ensuring that companies like Walmart would not only offer well-paying jobs but would still make billions every year in profits.

In other words, they should have been competing with the Democrats all along to make sure every working stiff got a fair shake, but it's evidently more fun to keep the honey for yourself and laugh at the flies fighting over the vinegar.


These GOP twits actually gave serious consideration to defaulting on the debt, but one of the very real consequences is that the banks would have to call in their loans, requiring you to immediately pay off your mortgage or lose your home. I am not kidding.

Take a moment to read these seven consequences of a default and then TRY not to think of murdering those Tea Party idiots.


end rant

Senator Bernie Sanders explains the shutdown.


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Rational Republican: Here's an idea... Why don't we help the common man by passing by a jobs bill, improving the nation's infrastructure, and making sure everyone has access to good health care? Wouldn't that get us more votes than always toadying for the super-rich? What do you say to that, fellahs? What do you say to that?

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