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Sugar Man

sixto rodriguezWhat would you think if you suddenly starting seeing advertisements for a live music concert featuring John Lennon, or possibly Jimi Hendrix? You'd probably think it was a huge scam, that an imposter was attempting to make a few bucks off the good name of a rock legend.

That's the same feeling the people of South Africa had back in 1998 when it was announced that Sixto Rodriguez was coming to town.

Who's Sixto Rodriguez?

He's an American folk musician who made two critically-acclaimed albums back in the early seventies, albums that, sadly, failed to garner an audience. He then promptly disappeared from the public eye.

Some years later the people of South Africa discovered his albums and became wildly enthusiastic fans. It's even said he was more popular than Elvis, selling over a half-million albums in South Africa alone. However, his admirers all thought that he was dead, a victim of any number of rumored suicides.

Eventually, two Cape Town fans decided to seek the truth about him and thereby hangs the tale of the movie Searching For Sugar Man, one of the most heart-warming documentaries I've seen in a long time. It is a film of joyous redemption, and the music is excellent, too. Look for it at your local rental box.


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Rodriguez sings "Crucify Your Mind" on The Late Show:

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