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You'll do anything for your kids, but you can't protect them from random gun violance.
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Armed and Ludicrous

armed TVIf you have children and they learned of the rampage in Aurora, what do you tell them if they look at you and ask "How can you protect us from this?"

The common answer would be that it's God will that they die in a theatre at the hands of a man who'd previously led a quiet life and there's nothing they can do about it except pray that their friends get shot instead of them.

Or you could tell them that you'll stand armed guard over them for the rest of their lives. No matter where they go or what they do, to the bathroom, to the mall, to the drive-in with Mary Lou, you'll be there with your Glock at the ready. This should make you very popular with your kids.

The reasonable answer, the one that says you honestly care about the fate of your children, would be "Yes, kids, there are too many guns in this country and too many unstable people who own them. The Second Amendment clearly states that a person must be part of a regulated militia before they can own a gun, so if we enforce that amendment to the letter we can reduce the number of available guns quite dramatically. This will require a new amendment, one that clarifies the intent of the first, as the interpretation of the current version has been bought and paid for by the NRA, and they care much more about their political power in Washington than in the death of innocents like yourselves."


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Oh, That Mitt.

big fat liarMitt has introduced a new word into his stump speech... "foreign". He used it quite often last week in an attempt to heighten American xenophobia against Mr. Obama. John McCain tried the same attack in 2008 but he came to regret it.

Yet, at the very same time, Mr. Romney released a commercial narrated in Spanish by his son. In it, the ad boasts of Mitt's connection with Mexico, as his father was born there, thus making him every bit as "foreign" as Mr. Obama. 'Tis a veritable hoot.

Video Time!

In 2008, while running for president, Mitt promised to put a porn filter on every new computer sold in this country. Way to pander to the teen vote, Mittens.

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President Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments

Number 38: Cracked Down On Bad For-Profit Colleges

barack obamaIn effort to fight predatory practices of some for-profit colleges, Department of Education issued “gainful employment” regulations in 2011 cutting off commercially focused schools from federal student aid funding if more than 35 percent of former students aren’t paying off their loans and/or if the average former student spends more than 12 percent of his or her total earnings servicing student loans.

For the full list of his 50 finest achievements read the Washington Monthly story.


And now our Chart of the Day: The Reagan Legacy - Prisons filled with the mentally ill.

prisons and mental health

Larger version of the chart here.

Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation7-23-2012: The House spent the 20th debating the massive Defense Appropriations Bill. No jobs were created.

For the full 2001-2012 list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!
Did you know that Fox News doesn't broadcast from Canada? Know why?
They have a law against broadcasting false or misleading news.

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Pregnant woman: I've eaten all the right foods, stopped drinking and smoking, baby-proofed the house, began saving for college, and started shopping for the right schools. I'm doing all that I can to make sure that my baby grows up happy and healthy.

James Holmes: Did you say something? Sorry, I wasn't listening.

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