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Lesson: Never try to name the animals when you haven't been laid in a while.
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And Jerry Mathers as the Euphemism

leave it to beaverI still cannot, to this day,
honestly believe that the writers of "Leave It To Beaver" didn't know exactly what they were doing when they unleashed "Beaver Cleaver" on an innocent, 1950s, Red-Scared America.

Some say that "beaver", as a euphemism for the female pudenda, wasn't used colloquially at that time. But after a little research I found this dandy limerick, circa 1927, that seems to prove otherwise. (Although it makes me think we've been pronouncing Lady Godiva wrong all these years.) Pro Tip: It's helpful to read with this a Michael Caine accent.

There was a young lady named Eva
Who went to the ball as Godiva,
But a change in the lights,
Showed a tear in her tights,
And a low fellow present yelled "Beaver"

So there.


A final note of appreciation to all the Democrats in Wisconsin who worked their buns off in order to keep the fire of democracy lit in their state. You got outspent 20-1 by the corporations but you went down fighting. See you in November.



Mitt Romney Is A Big Fat Liar.

mitt romney liesMr. Romney is claiming that President Obama's stimulus package actually LOST jobs. But Mitt's calculations peculiarly include ALLLL the jobs lost during the tail end of the Bush Depression in the early days of the Obama administration.

And that was a LOT of jobs.

Mitt Romney is a liar. A big fat, liar.


Mitt Romney can't identify a chocolate donut.


And now our Chart of the Day: Public Employment During the Last Three Administrations:

public employment chart

Word of explanation: The sharp downward trend of public employment in the Obama administration is mostly due to across-the-board job losses in Republican-led states. It's a man-made depression orchestrated by the GOP to harm the image of Mr. Obama.

Much, larger version of the chart here.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation6-6-2012: The House was not in session on Monday but on Tuesday it spent the day amending water and energy bills, mostly shuffling money from one account to another. It was not a job creating event.

For the full 2001-2012 list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! Thanks To Fox News' Keith Ablow, "Ex-Gay" Pseudoscience Is Still Alive And Well.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Adam: Rhinoceros. Penguin. Lion. Dolphin. Cobra. Bear. Fox. Clam. Ram. Ass. Cock. Tits. Pussy. BEAVER!

Angel: Lord?

Dog: Get the rib saw.

Caption: Although Adam took the job of naming the animals seriously it was clear to everyone that the strain of being alone was starting to show.

Rollover: We were THIS close to having a species of sea bass named the 'labia minora'.

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