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Lying In Wait.

Ahhh, Mitt Romney. The gift that keeps on giving.

As an investor his business techniques resulted in fewer jobs as his pathway to profit relied on firing employees and cutting their benefits. And yet, if elected president, he's claiming he can create 500,000 jobs a month. Color me a weeee bit skeptical.

You see, that feat has been accomplished only five times since 1960... once by Ronald Reagan, once by Bill Clinton, twice by Jimmy Carter, and once by Barack Obama.

Yes! 4-1 in favor of the progressives. Democrats take the series.

The Republicans used this exact same lie of "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" in the 2010 mid-terms and they have done nothing to create jobs since. NOTHING.

And, just an FYI, the last time the unemployment rate was at 4 per cent was in 2000. Thank you, Uncle Bill. Fuck you, George Bush.


If  forced ultrasound wasn't such a serious topic I might have impishly labeled this cartoon "Speak your piece" or "Spreading the news" or even "Help me find my F-16 and we'll fly outta here and strafe the Republican National Headquarters." But I didn't.



Notes, Notes, and More Notes.

Sleaze: Immediately after the election of Barack Obama heads of the Republican Party and their oligarch pals met and together devised a plan to unseat the president. It involved obstructing everything the president wanted, including improving the economy. That's not politics, that's sabotage.

Police Report: New York police lie about a brutal arrest. Now face jail time. Fort Lauderdale cop does the same thing. Same result. Philadelphia cop forces man to give him nonconsensual oral sex, in 2007. He's still on the job but finally headed for trial. Meanwhile, New York police are systematically sexually assaulting peaceful female protestors. And this is a Free Speech Unit.

Politics: Right Wingers often share the sad story of a 5-year-old boy who was physically assaulted and chastised by his teacher for praying over his lunch. It never happened.

Science Nerdgasm: Have you ever seen lithium burn? In slow motion? It's kewl!

Heresy: Bottled water is the tool of the Devil... its TRUE!

Humor: "Mitt Romney was on the 'Today Show' and admitted he likes to read the 'Twilight' books and watch 'American Idol.' If elected, he would be the 1st Mormon and the 1st 13-year-old girl to be President." — Jimmy Kimmel


And now our Chart of the Day: Underemployment by education level.
Percent Growth in Productivity and Hourly Compensation

Larger version here.

Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation5-7-2012: The House was in recess since 4-27-2012. No jobs were created.

Click here for the 2011-2012 list of "Republican Job Creation".


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! When presidential advisers appear on talk shows they're always disclosed as such. But not on Fox News.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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