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Historical Fiction

patriot actThey can do research on just about everything these days, so it's not surprising that a study was done to see how many professed Christians have read the entire Bible.

The result? Less than 10%.

They really needed to do an associated study asking how many atheists have read the Bible because, frankly, that's one of the first steps towards losing your faith. Once you've actually read that thing, and I did many years ago out of morbid curiosity, you can't come away with much besides a massive WTF headache.

As for our dear Congressmen, it's pretty clear that the Republican Party only scans the Glover Norquist Cliff Notes Edition of the Bible, the one which has Jesus coming back armed with TOW missiles so that he can personally take out all those Planned Parenthood locations and NPR stations.

There may be a Democratic legislator or two with a sincere interest in the Bible but, let's face it, anyone who sincerely accepts the Bible as God's word could never be a politician. Having to lie about everything is a clue. (This is why we need to vote for atheists for public office. They may be liars and cheats as well but at least they're not religious hypocrites about it.)

As for the PATRIOT Ac (Yes, it really IS 7000 pages long) this sucker was written by Neocons hungry to shutter our Constitutional rights long before 9-11. The Act was foisted on a Congress, deep in a defensive crouch, on very short notice and was not available to read or study before it was voted on.

Yes, our Congress was not allowed to read it in its entirely before it was voted on. Why it passed is a fine example of how gutless a legislator can be when the American populace is fed a steady diet of fear, uncertainty, and doubt after a national tragedy. Doubly troubling when the administration itself was to blame for the failure.

We obviously don't need this abomination as not one person, acting in a purely terrorist fashion, has been jailed as a result of the PATRIOT Act. Although a woman once was convicted under the act for spanking a child and a tenth-grader for making a lousy joke.

I am not kidding.

The only thing the Act is good for is so that the government can keep the sheep in line. Call your congressman. Repeal this damned thing.


i thee rapeMany newspapers have chosen to censor or remove this week's Doonesbury cartoon from the comics pages as it had the audacity to satirize the new and onerous abortion laws being rammed down our throats by overzealous Republicans nimrods.

If you haven't seen the comics yet here are all six.



Note 1: Remember all those killing sprees atheists are famous for? Me neither. Yes, this is another tragic tale of a religious fanatic taking god into his own hands and offing an unbeliever for Jesus.

Note 2: Kid gets arrested for a small amount of pot. Subsequently dies in his jail cell. Guards blame his death on "innocent horseplay". Whoopsies! The same guards also believe that the general public is composed of morons who can't put two and two together.

Note 3: Vigilante guns down a 14-year-old named Trayvon Martin in a gated community because he "looked suspicious". Police decide not to arrest the shooter. Tell me again why giving guns to every idiot who thinks he's Dirty Fucking Harry is a good idea?

Note 4: It's amazing that at the same time the human race is practicing world-wide hari-kari on its environment scientists are still discovering new human species.

Note 5: Speaking of religious statistics.

Note 6: Say "Hello!" to Rick Santorum!


And now our Chart of the Day: Bills enacted in the first year of Congress.

bills enacted in the first year of Congress
Historical note:
In 1995 the Republicans took the House and proceeded to do... nothing. In 2011 the Republicans took the House and proceeded to do.... nothing. That's our little GOP.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation3-16-2012: The House is in recess until Tuesday, the 20th of March.

View the entire two-year list of non-job-related House activities here.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! Fox News simply cannot STAND the president's stand for green energy. So they just make arguments for failed energy companies up out of thin air.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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Today's Google Chow.

What do these two books have in common?

Bible: 1100 pages.

PATRIOT Act: 7000 pages.

Answer: Neither has been read by a congressman.