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First World Problems

zombieland kennedyI finish today's comic and am finally ready to assemble this very web page, so I wander into the kitchen to reward myself with a tasty beverage, perhaps even filch a fig newton or two. Then I hear it.

Click.... click-click .... click... click... click-click.

It's my refrigerator. The noise is coming from somewhere behind and below the rear side. A quick check of the fridge indicates that the ice is melting.


A quick browse of Google tells me that a relay has likely gone bad. They're cheap and relatively easy to replace but it's midnight which means no chance in obtaining an immediate replacement. I don't care if my meager amount of food defrosts between now and morning but the sheer anxiety of having a major appliance go FOOM is going to give me rather unfortunate dreams tonight. At the very least hangs the dread spectre of a damaged compressor. If so, so long cheap repair.

In case you're interested, I bought this 'fridge back in '86, the same summer I bought my house. It was a dowdy little dirt-cheap box but it has soldiered faithfully along all that time. Who knew Americans made such long-lived things?

If the compressor has kicked the bucket I'll probably drag my dear, departed little fridge into the spare bedroom and use it to store old underpants, used auto parts and assorted board games. It's what Martha Stewart would do.

Wish us luck.

Update 10:30 AM: I removed the start relay and it rattled like a baby toy. That there's what you call a dead relay. It only costs $5 for a new one but, unfortunately for me, no one in Dallas stocks the dang thing so I have to wait patiently until Tuesday for the Wells Fargo Wagon to roll into town. This just means the minimal amount of grub I keep in the fridge moves into a cooler until further notice.


covenenant houseEvery day in this country young adults are forced into the streets with no place to go and little to eat. Luckily for them there's places like Covenant House. It not only meets the immediate needs of homeless kids but also helps guide them to a self-sufficient future.

So if you have a few bucks left over after buying Aunt Thelma that new snood please consider making a small holiday donation to this worthy organization. Thanks!


Uncle Lefty's Saturnalian Shopping Tips

Looking for that special example of commercial excess to impress the jaded kin on your Xmas list? Well, howzabout one of these?

horse head maskHorse Head Mask

Amazon reviewer R.L.R. says:

"This mask imbues the wearer with super-human abilities. The power to make everyone around you feel akward and uncomfortable being first among them. After wearing the mask for several days my identity was consumed and replaced. There is only the horse now. Best purchase I ever made."



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation12-5-12: The House agreed to keep the internet out of the clutches of the U.N., struck the word "lunatic" from federal law, and made revisions in title 36 of the United States Code. No jobs were created.

The House took the day off. No jobs were created.

For the full list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Today's Chart of the Day: Climate Finance Vs. Fossil Fuel Subsidies

blame for the fiscal cliff

Larger version of chart available here.

end rant

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