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bitter gun ownersAccording to a CNN analysis of gun ownership data fewer and fewer Americans own guns. In fact, since 1973 households owning guns has declined from 50% to 32%. America still sells a butt-load of guns but they're mostly being purchased by those who already own them.

Yes, gun manufacturers are the new Franklin Mint for the obsessive-compulsive end-timer.


This space devoted to the Kaliningrad Oblast.


It's 2:30 AM in north Texas. It's also 61 degrees. This is SO wrong.


Bonus Video: "Christmas Is Interesting" by Jonathan Coulton. Bonus ASL.


covenenant houseEvery day in this country young adults are forced into the streets with no place to go and little to eat. Luckily for them there's places like Covenant House. It not only meets the immediate needs of homeless kids but also helps guide them to a self-sufficient future.

So if you have a few bucks left over after buying Aunt Thelma that new snood please consider making a small holiday donation to this worthy organization. Thanks!



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation12-17-12: The House authorized the issuance of right-of-way permits for natural gas pipelines in Glacier National Park (H.R. 4606), passed a bill making technical corrections to the legal description of land held in trust by the Mission Indians (S. 3193). The House also condemned the attacks in Newton, Connecticut (H. Res. 833). No jobs were created.

12-18-12: The House extended the visa of Sopuruchi Chukwueke. No jobs were created.

For the full list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Chart of the Day: Decline of U.S. Gun Ownership in U.S. Households

decline of gun onwership in u.s. households

Larger version of chart here.

end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Dumb Guns
We may be stuck with the Second Amendment but that doesn't mean we can’t make murder less efficient.
The Jackpot
Round and round she goes, if you get three cherries there she blows! Otherwise, thanks for playing.
The Sacher-Masoch
You have to really, really, REALLY want to fire this weapon.
The Russian Roulette
Six possible guns to shoot but secret mechanism never tells you which one. Resets each time trigger is pulled. Have fun!
The Goldberg
Pulling trigger (A) sets off clock (B) which pumps bellows (C) which fans flames (D) which fires rocket (E) which unfurls cat picture (F) which startles mouse (G) which fires gun. Sequence takes at least 45 seconds, so preparation is a must.
The Dislocator
Weights 367 pounds and guaranteed to pull your shoulder out of its socket. This is the most manliest of personal firearms.
The Existentialist
Every time you pull the trigger of this gun it posits the question of who the gun hurts worse, you or the society you live among.

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