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Billlons and Billions of Stars

black holeAstronomers have discovered possibly the most amazing object in the known universe. It's a black hole (NGC 1277) that's four light days across. It's bigger than 17 billion of our suns crammed into a ball. Click the thumbnail to get a better idea of just how humongous this thing is.

I present this to you not just because it's so stultifying immense but because it's an opportunity to better understand the concept of "billions". In the larger image you'll note that a single white dot serves as the measure of the orbit of the Earth. You cannot even see the Sun at this scale, yet 17 billion of these unseen suns fill this immense space in three dimensions.

So think of that the next time you hear the military needs $500 billion dollars, or 29 of these sun-filled black holes, in the next fiscal year and consider what a ridiculous, pointless sinkhole of death it is.


covenenant houseEvery day in this country young adults are forced into the streets with no place to go and little to eat. Luckily for them there's places like Covenant House. It not only meets the immediate needs of homeless kids but also helps guide them to a self-sufficient future.

So if you have a few bucks left over after buying Aunt Thelma that new snood please consider making a small donation this holiday season to this worthy organization. Thanks!


Uncle Lefty's Saturnalian Shopping Tips

Looking for that special example of commercial excess to impress the jaded kin on your Xmas list? Well howzabout one of these?

magical mystery itemMagical Mystery Item

By the time most of us reach maturity we've been exposed enough to the wonders of the world to be safely able to name the consumer goods common to the lives of all Americans. Like toasters, or TVs, or double-ended dildos. Sometimes, though, you encounter something that jolts your "What the heck is that" gland. And this is one of them. See if you can guess the proper function of this weapon of destruction is before you click here and find out.


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Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation11-28-12: The House named six post offices and two federal buildings. That's ALL they did the entire day. No jobs were created.

11-29-12: The House debated and ultimately failed to pass a minor immigration bill. They then went home early. No jobs were created.

For the full list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.

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Today's Google Chow.

Young woman selling Grade AA human eggs from a lemonade stand.

Girl: "Because lemonade's little bitch ass won't get me a BMW. That's why."

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