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in greed we trust I've been cranking out cartoons for this web site since 2006 and this is the first time I've had to rely on the time-honored, though supremely lame, editorial technique of labeling characters to signify their meaning. It just so happens that in this case it was warranted. That, and I couldn't think of another way to do it.

Still, if you don't follow the news then you might still be mystified at the label's exact intent, so see if you can guess which ravenous swine represents the criminal banking system and which obese, malicious pig represents a company whose name rhymes with "small fart".

The larger picture here is that corporate America isn't doing you or I any favors and its excesses aren't the result of atheists, homosexuals, Mexicans, union members, vegetarians or Democrats in general banding together to cut taxes for the super-wealthy. If you want any semblance of a future for your children that doesn't involve them digging though Donald Trump's children's dumpstersthen by all means forget all that religious/abortion/2nd amendment crappola and start voting progressive mucho pronto.


Speaking of atheists, about ten years ago I had a demented brainstorm and proceeded to rush over to Godaddy and acquired the domain name "". Unfortunately I didn't have any further plans for it so I simply populated the web site with some snarky atheist screeds and then pretty much let it fend for itself.

By "pretty much" I mean that I've had plans for the site for the past couple of years and today's the day, the summer solstice in fact, that it all comes to fruition as the new and improved rides again. It's a trifle rough around the edges but I think, if you're of a non-secular bent, you'll appreciate what it's trying to do.

I intend to add new content every day, not unlike Raging Pencils, so in a couple of years I know it will be the most totally awesome! Drop in and let me know what you think.


Aaaand finally, it's time for Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas to resign. It's been clear for years that he's a jurisprudential joke but now he's simply wallowing in graft and malfeasance. If you feel he should resign then sign this petition and join the other 130,000+ who feel the same way. Thanks!



john boehner"We're going to have a relentless focus on creating jobs." - John Boehner, February 10, 2011.

The following is #43 in a list of accomplishments by the GOP since they gained control of the House in 2011. None have yet to result in one, single new job.

(43) 6-22-2011: I'm sad to report that the GOP didn't do a dang thing to create jobs today, but I'll give them credit for not using senior citizens for skeet shooting practice.

For the entire list of GOP futility, click here.


Fox News Lies!And what manner of lie is Fox News spewing today? In an interviewed by Chris Wallace they edited out Jon Stewart's criticism of Bill Sammons.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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Two pigs, labeled "Two Big to Fail" and "Too Big To Be Sued" eating at the federal trough.

Clerk: "Charge it to the taxpayers?"

John Q: "Who else?"