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Hello To All My Chinese Friends!

ovumHi, I'm an ovum, one of over one billion human eggs currently floating through various female reproductive systems around the globe. You'll probably be relieved to know that almost all of us will be flushed out of the system, unused, unfertilized.

Every month.

That drives American right-wing fundamentalist's crazy as they believe we were individually created by God and given a unique soul. In their view each and every one of us deserves the chance to be fertilized and grow up to fight in an oil war, denude the planet of resources and offer unquestioning fealty to men in dresses who talk to imaginary men in the clouds.

In America 1.3 million pregnancies are terminated each year, many for valid, life-threatening medical reasons. That's less than .3 per cent of the population. (In all my long years I've known but one woman to have an abortion.)

Abortion is even rarer than the occurrence of autism. (BTW, thanks a lot for that one, God.)

Now let's suppose all of the 1.3 million terminated blastocysts were allowed to come to full term. What are the chances you'd know any of them? The bigger question is: If you'd been aborted would anyone miss you?

The sad answer is no. Not at all. Not even a little. If I'd never been born would you miss this strip, or me? No, and no.

That's why we need abortion in this country. So that we can all choose to have children, healthy children, children who are planned and loved, when we're ready for them. And, thus, free of the burden of our biology we can each proceed to have full, rich, meaningful lives that other people will remember us by.

And yet, doctors in this country are being murdered as a result of performing a legal medical procedure not on religious or practical grounds, but for political ones. When I used the word "assassinated" in today's cartoon I did not use it frivolously.

There are terrorists in this country, and they come bearing a little "R" after their names.


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Introducing Honey, The Horrifying Scenario Kitten

Because of the shootings of abortion doctors many family planning facilities are closing their doors. In some states there are no abortion providers left.

Obviously, this scheme of assassinating doctors is working out great for right-wing fundamentalists.

The result poses a horrible dilemma for women but the solution to this problem has been right before our eyes this whole time...

start shooting the people who own gun production plants.

In the head.

Preferably in church, if for no other reason than to emphasize the point that God could care less.

Keep in mind that, unlike doctors and politicians who are little more than are sitting ducks, these people will be armed and will shoot back.

So this idea will take someone with real guts, not just psychopaths, creationists or fans of Glenn Beck.

That's it.