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Tell Me You Already Know About This.

boob cakeAll together now, class. What did the Republican Party run on in the 2010 mid-terms?

That's right, class. Jobs.

So what is in the new Republican   budget proposal?

That's right, class. Massive unemployment.

In a move designed to appeal only to their base, I.E. the staggeringly rich, House Republicans have authored a budget proposal that would effectively dispose of over 100 government agencies, most of which perform vital functions for our country as a whole. Programs like food inspection, flood prevention, weatherization, education, mental health, police employment, family planning and climate research, not to mention Public Broadcasting.

You can see the whole list here. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman calls these programs "America's seed corn" and I agree with him. Republicans would replace this comparatively organic approach to the social construct with their Monsanto alternative. Not good.

When reminded that this new budget would result in over a million lost jobs Speaker John Boehner's response was "So be it!"

So if your child gets sick from eating bad food, so be it.

If the dam breaks, so be it.

If there aren't enough police to maintain order, so be it.

If elderly people freeze to death this winter because they can't afford their heating bills, so be it.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner is fighting to keep a half-billion dollar fighter-jet engine project in his district. An engine that the President and the Pentagon doesn't want. But it's not about what we want or what we need, it's what Speaker Boehner wants.

Like I said, this budget will never pass the Senate, much less the president's veto pen. It's just a sordid little lesson in politics by a party that could give two shits about you.


Rick Santorum is considering running for president. That's all I'm saying.



Today's comic is the 500th Raging Pencils. I hope you guys and gals are having as much fun with it as I am.



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Today's Google Chow.

Dilbarack: In conclusion, Johnbert, the number one problem in our country today is scarcity jobs.

Boehnbert: I understand. I'll begin slashing government programs immediately.

Dilbarack: What? No! How does firing people create jobs?

Boehnbert: Uhhh, I think it's something Glenn Beck said.

Dilbarack: Really? And what would old Glenny do if nobody could find a decent job?

Boehnbert: He'd do what we've always done. Keep food prices artificially low, especially junk food.

Dilbarack: Let them eat Twinkies?

Boehnbert: Oops! Gotta run. Time for my fiddle recital with Scalia and Roberts.