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The Color of Money

golden elephantYou know why the elephant in today's cartoon is orange, right? (Hint: it has nothing to do with John Beohner being a pompous ass. Oh, wait... it DOES!)


In the run-up to the 2010 mid-terms the Republican Party loudly hailed their "Pledge to America", a re-run of the same pledge the GOP offered in 1994. That particular version of the pledge resulted in a Republican House majority that led the league in corruption. Think Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay, just for starters.

In the latest version of the Pledge the big ticket item was a promise to cut the budget deficit by a whopping $100 billion dollars in, and I quote, "within the first year". Every economist who heard this claim rubbed their eyes in absolute astonishment as such an exercise was blatantly absurd without raising taxes, and guess who isn't raising taxes for the next two years?

But now the GOP says that the promise was just "hypothetical", that to think otherwise is just "parsing words".

You've been had, Tea Party freaks. Thanks for being such gullible assholes.

(I have to say that this "hypothetical" tactic has promise. In 2012 the Democrats can promise jet-packs and flying cars to get votes knowing full well that, whoops, who knew they only meant hypothetical? For this very reason the public should never stop slapping John Boehner.)

But don't think the GOP is going to stop there. No, sir! They're already backing off of their "transparency in government" promise. Transparency is a great thing unless you're allowing Goldman Sachs to write all your laws for you, then things get kind of sticky. Better just keep the people deaf, dumb and blind about what's going on in Washington, just to be safe.

In summation, just as we add "in bed" to the end of every fortune cookie message we should add "Suckers!" to the end of every Republican campaign promise.

If you're interested, offers more details on recent Republican walkbacks.



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I am proud to stand before you today to say that, as of this moment, the Republican Party is no longer "The Party of No".
Instead, we are now the party of "We never said that".
(G.O. P. Pledge to America: "We will cut the deficit by $100 billion.")