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Ducking Responsibility

Bruce TinsleyIn 2004 a book entitled "America (The Book) was written by the staff of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show". It was quite the success in progressive circles. Among its many amusing pages was a parody of the malodorously conservative Mallard Fillmore comic strip. It was described thusly:

• Panel 1 - Mallard: Liberals want to tie the hands of industry with more environmental legislation.

• Panel 2 - Mallard: Why must we punish our most productive citizens with an income tax?

• Panel 3 - Mallard: Ooops! I forgot to tell a joke!

To those lucky enough to have never read this comic this bit of knavery nailed it.

I despise this comic more than all others as it purposely offers misinformation and outright lies in a medium usually devoted to children. It's the Sarah Palin of comics, always leering and winking at you but offering nothing of any substance. To back up his lame duck arguments the author, Bruce Tinsley, will often asterisk readers to internet sources written by equally bat-shit crazy conservatives. Talk about your circle-jerks.

Why this thing is in anyone's paper is a complete mystery. From what I've read King Features offers the comic as "balance" to all the liberal comics pushing, I suppose, forced abortions and legal animal sex and declarations of eminent domain upon Big Oil.

Damn that Blondie and her progressive clap-trap!

The editions that showed up in this weekend's paper seem to indicate that Mr. Tinsley is beginning to feel the pinch of the declining newspaper market. Not surprising considering Mr. Tinsley is hawking a strip which insults the intelligence of half its audience. If the end is near for Mallard Fillmore it's not a moment too soon.


This weekend was notable for three separate reasons, all regarding cuisine.

First, I had an eggplant sandwich for dinner on Friday night at my neighborhood Italian joint. Actually, it was an eggplant parmesan sub and it was delicioso.

Second, Beloved Girlfriend and I decided to make our own bread using Jim Lahey's "no knead" recipe. It's flour, water and a tiny bit of yeast. That's all, and it came out GREAT!

Third, and by a vast coincidence, we chanced upon the food pornography advertisements for Lurpak butter, found on youtube. I can honestly say that the commercials themselves were so good it resulted in the two of us driving across town late on a Saturday night to a tiny natural food store just to happily plunk down $5 for a lump of this stuff. We proceeded to gleefully slather it all over our home-made bread

To be honest, it's just butter, but we're not complaining.


One final thing... the movie "Red" just came out on DVD. SEE IT IMMEDIATELY! Great jumping Jeebus this thing was fun! I'm sorry I didn't squeeze out a moment to catch it in the theatres. Luckily, "Red 2" is in the works so they can count on our two alarmingly-expanding butts in the seats next time.



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J.F. Kanardy: The Lovable Liberal

JFK: What's homeopathy?

Well, that's where scam artists take a substance and then dilute it down and down until there's nothing of the original essence left. They then sell this useless product to suckers as the remedyfor all their ills.

Not unlike a Republican campaign promise.