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Why was the Bible written in three different languages?

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Having a Ball

yoga ballLike many people I spend an unfortunate number of hours each day parked in front of my computer. You might suspect a serious L4D addiction but, in my case, this is simply how I make my bread and butter as I'm your average, free-range, graphic provider.

As jobs go, it's a pretty good one. Actually, outside of anything that offers complimentary hand-jobs and free Godiva chocolate enemas I can't think of a better way to make a buck.

However, as a complication of all this sitting I've developed a minor nerve problem in my lower legs, most of which results from the soft meat of my finely-toned butt being squashed against the cruel and relatively unyielding surface of my office chair.

I tried a couple of different chairs and/or cushions but to no real avail. Then I took some web advice and started perching on an exercise ball, your basic $7 Gold's Gym special. It was novel, and a lot of fun to bounce around on during long downloads, but it didn't ameliorate the symptoms. Besides, one of the cats used it to break his fall after unwisely aiming for one of the higher book shelves in my office. The ball let out one hideous shriek and collapsed into an unsightly blob.

R.I.P.... literally.

For the past couple of weeks I've been working standing up, having configured my drafting table to work as an ad hoc, chest-high desk. It's novel working this way but initially the position stretched the muscles in my back which, unfortunately, also tightened the muscles through the groin area.

Yeah, that groin area.

Oh, joy.

At the moment I believe I'm on the mend, though time will tell. At the very least it's been an unusual experience. The only down side so far is that the cat can't figure out where my lap went, one his favorite winter snooze locations. That'll teach him to mess with my balls.



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Today's Google Chow.

BBilly: Miss Crampton!

Teacher: Yes, William?

Billy: Is it true that the full text of the Bible was given to Moses by God on Mount Sanai?

Teacher: Some believe that, yes.

Billy: Then why was it written in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, before being translated into Latin? Why didn't He just write it in Latin in the first place?

Teacher: You see, Billy, there are known knowns and there are unknown knowns...

Billy: And if I wanted waffles, ma'am, I'd go to iHop.