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How cows really live.

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Ahhh, The Wonders of Technology

Evil catS
orry for the late start today. I'm still at the mercy of my recent AT&T U-Verse install. I've now learned that when the modem goes down, as it did smack dab in the middle of an otherwise fine Thursday afternoon, it not only takes the internet service out, it takes the dang phone, too! So think about that should AT&T give you the hard sell for this service.

As I write this it's noon on Friday and AT&T has just informed me that the lines between my local junction box and my house has had a major coronary. They'll be here to fix it as soon as they can. Sigh.

Meanwhile, allow me to thank my neighbor Ronnie for the use of his computer and for the ever-welcome webspertise of Beloved Girlfriend for installing the files you're currently looking at.


As for today's comic, I was sitting in the shade chatting with a friend about the cosmic verities, namely where does all this come from and what does it all mean. To me it's evident that modern humans are not much more than the collection of stuff they've acquired. Cows, for instance, have just as rich and varied existence as we do except that it doesn't involve consumer goods. Considering the ever-worsening condition of this sick planet who's to say they don't have the better idea.


end rant

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Cow mother: "And this is our Joe. He was reading by age three, was a true prodigy on the clarinet, graduated cum-laude and went on to serve two tours in the Gulf. He came home and started an internet business that made him a millionaire... then McDonald's bought him for Happy Meals."