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Mystery Science Fiction Story, Part Two: How Toy Story 3 should have ended.

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Cut. Print.

director mikey(Note:
I've gone ahead and combined both chapters in this story because it was just too awkward haiving them on separate pages. This means the comic from the 21st of June will appear eerily similar to this one. Enjoy.)

absolutely loved Toy Story 3, even cried like a baby at the end, but I had one minor and one slightly larger quibble with the story.

(1) Andy's mom was more sisterly in appearance than motherly. Pixar's last film, Up, showed the animators are perfectly capable of rendering the aging process, so what's the deal?

(2) The story didn't really end, as you might expect, more like just shifted continuity. Worse, it added characters as fast as it was losing them.

Far be it from me to second-guess the Pixar editorial team but.... I am. Such was the reason for the recent Raging Pencils cartoons. I just felt there must be a logical way to wrap this whole thing up.

My idea was predicated on all of the toys in the film being safely stored in a single box the attic, then a tasteful fade-out as Andy heads off to college. Years later our intrepid captain returns (Yes, Andy's last name is Davis) and reacquires the goods in a fit of nostalgia. Of course, in the meantime the entire population of the Earth was wiped out in minutes by a freak cosmological event but, hey, that's show-biz.

While working out the details for this story I also considered another idea showing Wall-E extricating the whole Toy Story clan from the bowels of Andy's disheveled home. In my mind he'd be next to the opened box and hugging Woody whilst a small heart symbol flutters above the two of them. It would have been adorable but I've read that Wall-E had a couple of Toy Story references in it already so the idea wouldn't have been wholly original. Besides, it would not have been an "ending", just another shift in locale.

Spoiler Alert:

If all of the toys had perished in the furnace I would have fucking stood up and hooted and cheered and applauded as it would have been the bravest and most honest movie-making decision since Spock died. (And, as I recall, that worked out fairly well.) It looked for all the world like the boys at Pixar gave that idea some serious consideration but wimped out when studio heads suggested it might endanger toy sales. I think that's why the final five minutes, though heart-warming, feels a bit tacked-on.

So here's how it might have worked:

We start with a tight close-up on two hands clasped together (Buzz and Woody's, natch) followed by a simple fade to white, the music all the while rising to a crescendo and then fading to a rising violin's hopeful note. The camera could have then panned downward from a brilliant white sky to a montage of cities and towns and communities, filled with people going about their business. As the camera zoom and pans from locale to locale we'd see children and adults around the world still loving their Buzz's, Woody's, Jessie's and other Toy Story heroes. The sequence would end in pantomime with an older Andy, now a family man, offering a new Jessie doll to his young daughter. In the background a computer monitor would be showing, as wallpaper, the picture of Andy as a kid among his toys.

I think this would have been a suitable ending of the current story timeline but it would also have kept the characters alive.


end rant

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Whoever you are, thanks for reading my languid little 'toon.


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JACKPOT! Come to papa, baby!

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Riches, Ensign. Riches beyond measure.Hell, old friends.

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To infinity and beyond.

Sigh. Steady as she goes, Ensign.

Caption: And that's how Toy Story 3 should have ended.