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The Acme Demolition Company and 9-11.

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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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Remember on 9-11 when those two airliners struck the Twin Towers? How each impact released a huge plume of fire and smoke into that brilliant September sky? How it burned away in seconds? That was the aviation fuel carried by the two airliners, the famous kerosene. It burned off so rapidly that the firemen who eventually reached the devastated floors felt confident that they could contain the remaining fires.

And then the Towers fell. As they did beams of steel were thrown hundreds of yards in all directions.

Remember how for weeks afterwards that huge pile of debris continued to inexplicably smoke and burn? Remember how the rescuers were forced to drench the site with fire hoses night and day? Even so, the heat was so intense it burned the soles off the boots of the workers. In places it was measured at over 1000 degrees. How could it be so hot?

Remember how, as the rescuers dug deeper and deeper, they found huge pools of molten steel? Of course you don't. Some facts are... inconvenient.

The Towers didn't fall that day because of the impacts caused by the two airliners. Those buildings were massively over-constructed in such a way as to take that kind of punishment and simply shrug it off.

They fell because the central core was melted by thermite and blasted away in a controlled demolition. The kind of explosions that can toss huge beams of metal hundreds of yards and turn concrete to dust. The kind of thermal attack that leaves pools of molten steel.

You were lied to by your government so that they could start two wars and strip you of your freedoms. Never forget that.


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A blast from the conspiratorial past. The RP from 3-3-08.

pnac realtors

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Acme Building Demolishers

Al: "I don't get it. We've fed that fire with kerosene for a week but those steel beams just won't melt."
Bob: "Yeah... it's like everything we learned on 9-11 was a lie."